FLIGHT is the most innovative and comprehensive program purely designed to transform you into a bad-ass Olympic Weightlifter.


Program Summary

5 Olympic Weightlifting Workouts per week

18 Four Week Mesocycles  -  360 workouts Total

Hundreds of dollars in free bonus resources - nutrition, mobility, technique training

Video explanations of everything on the program site - programming, movements etc.

Private Facebook Group for coaching and community support

Current special: 1 week trail for only $1

If you're like most aspiring Weightlifters...
You've probably already:
- Attended a bunch of seminars
- Joined a specialty class
- Read article after article
- Watched tons of lifting videos on the internet trying to learn how the pros do it
- Spent countless hours in the gym practicing technique

Only to keep struggling when it came time to hit new PRs on the snatch, clean and jerk.

We've noticed that many people begin the journey to mastering the lifts but due to obstacles like technique, strength, mobility, nutrition, programming, time, and motivation, eventually hit a wall and fall short of reaching their goals.

But it doesn't have to be this way!
We've been involved in the sport of Weightlifting for a long time and have seen and learned quite a few things:

Through the Barbell Shrugged Podcast we've spent countless hours with some of the best Olympic Weightlifters and Weightlifting coaches like Dmitry Klokov, Kendrick Farris, Justin Thacker, Jon North, Diane Fu and Travis Mash...with every interview, learning how to be better coaches and weightlifters.

In our experience as coaches, we've analyzed hundreds of athletes just like you, whether it was in our own gym or in our online programs.

In our experience as athletes ourselves we've been through all the lows, learning the difficult lessons this sport teaches through mistakes we've made.

It's safe to say that we can all agree that Olympic Weightlifting is one of the most difficult sport there is.
What if you had everything you needed to transform yourself into an awesome Weightlifter?
How would it feel to finally have:

The confidence in knowing you’re going to hit a new PR every single time you step onto the platform and grab hold of the barbell

Your technique be so effortless that you maximize your strength and out-lift those who are bigger than you

All eyes on YOU as your fellow gym members watch in admiration week after week as you make consistent gains

People coming up to you in competition asking for your advice because you lift  a pro

It would feel AMAZING!

And with Flight, you'll have everything you'll need to become a successful weightlifter.

That’s why we created FLIGHT WEIGHTLIFTING. We wanted to create a comprehensive training program designed specifically to overcome every single obstacle that stands in the way of you becoming a great weightlifter.

We created this program with all the knowledge from all lessons we've learned from the mistakes we've made, the athletes we've coached, and the experts we've worked with so that YOU can be successful on this journey.

It's the program we wish we had when we started our own journey...
Pay as you go.  Perfect for being on this program for approximately 3-6 months.
  • 5 Weightlifting specific workouts per week
  • 18 Four week Mesocycles
  • 360 workouts total
  • $800 in FREE bonuses (see below)
  • Video explanations of all programming
  • Video demos and explanations of all movements
  • Community support to get feedback on your lifts

Save 50% - Perfect for being on this program for more than 6 months

  • 5 Weightlifting specific workouts per week
  • 18 Four week Mesocycles
  • 360 workouts total
  • $800 in FREE bonuses (see below)
  • Video explanations of all programming
  • Video demos and explanations of all movements
  • Community support to get feedback on your lifts
Time to begin your Weightlifter's Journey.
Start with these essentials:
Structured and specifically designed to improve performance for the Snatch, Clean & Jerk and yield continuous progress.
Consistent, expert level explanations for all movements and programmming
Learn the essential concepts of training, weightlifting, recovery and nutrition that you can apply long after you’re finished with the program.
Your team. Support from a close knit team of like minded individuals that turns hard training sessions into easy ones that you will love.
Continuous practice so you can snatch, clean & jerk more weight, safely and with great technique.
Build productive habits, make long-term a lifestyle changes to become a better Weightlifter and start living a healthier, more fulfilled life.
Know exactly how to approach training: What you need to do, when you need do it, and why it's important to you.
Take out all guess work so you can only focus on being an athlete.

Motivation, accountability and encouragement from coaches and teammates that are absolutely vital to getting significant results.
Flight Sample Programming:
FLIGHT Features

FLIGHT Programming
5 workouts per week:
3 mandatory 60-90 minute workouts
2 optional less than 60 minutes workouts.
FLIGHT Community
Access to a private Facebook group - Build connections and accountability w/other Flight members as well as other Shrugged athletes and coaches
Exclusive Bonus Content
Access to tips and technique videos only accessible to FLIGHT members.
FLIGHT Itinerary
Video breakdown of each workout explaining "Why" & "How" each workout is to be done + movement demo videos.
13 Systematic Habits
To help you complete your journey, become a better Weightlifter (and better at life).
Go to Flight School
BONUS Digital technique course ($97 value) - Learn every detail of the lifts so you can lift as absolutely much as possible with your currently level of strength
Nutrition for Weightlifters
Bonus digital course to help make nutrition and lifestyle adjustments so you can get stronger faster.
8 Week Weightlifting Meal Plan
Examples of what to eat for 8 whole weeks to take out all the guesswork so you can spend your time getting better instead of wasting time trying to figure out what to eat
FLIGHT Membership Site
Instant access to the FLIGHT members-only site with archives of all your workouts, course materials, recipes, and bonus content.

Go through FLIGHT at your own pace and have access to all of your materials.
Plus, get these incredible FREE gifts!
Nutrition for Weightlifters ($97 value) and the Faction Foods Nutrition Course ($97 Value)
Learn how to create and build an effective nutrition strategy for true strength and improved performance.  These
nutrition courses will help you understand good nutrition practices, how much to eat, what to eat, when to eat, for strength training athletes.

Movement Specific Mobility for Squats and Deadlifts ($197 value) and Maximum Mobility Live Seminar Recording ($97 value)
Learn how to address your specific mobility restrictions for the back squat, front squat, overhead squat, deadlift and sumo deadlift. A must for this program as we will be doing all these movements!

Flight Nutrition Package, Recipes and Macro & Meal Planner ($197 value)
Nutrition Guide: a super easy-to-read PDF guide on how to eat to cut, gain, or maintain, how to count macros, how to read food labels, how weigh and measure food and etc. For those who want something simple and just want to be told what to do.  Recipes from the Shrugged team that you can make in bulk and are taste delicious as hell. 
Cut body fat while getting stronger, gain muscle or optimize your nutrition for peak performance. This tool allows you to easily figure out how your macros for each meal of a rest day or training day if you want  gain muscle mass, drop body fat or maintain your current size. You just put in your body weight and it auto calculates how much you need to eat. All the guess work is taken out for you.

Flight School Olympic Weightlifting Technique Course ($197 value) and Critiques and Corrections: Slow Motion Analysis of Olympic Weightlifting Technique ($47 Value)
Nutrition Guide: a super easy-to-read PDF guide on how to eat to cut, gain, or maintain, how to count macros, how to read food labels, how weigh and measure food and etc. For those who want something simple and just want to be told what to do.

Over $800 IN BONUS VALUE!!!

FLIGHT Works...
There's no other way to put this...FLIGHT works. Our athletes GET RESULTS and they don't spend all day training or a fortune getting them.

How do we know?
We polled our 302 FLIGHT athletes 4 months into their training and asked them, that's how.

We discovered that they got strong as hell, adding on average 27 lbs to their back squat and 34 pounds to the front squat.

With greater strength and improved technique, our athletes were able to increase their Snatch numbers by 16 lbs and Clean and Jerk by 26 lbs!

These were MASSIVE improvments considering the time frame. And guess what...our athletes CONTINUE to see gains in their Olympic lifts.

They're setting new PRs, staying healthy and lifting with confidence and skill at local and National-level competitions.

But you don't have to take our word for it, our
own FLIGHT athletes can tell you all about their success.

What our FLIGHT athletes are saying...
Cole G.
"The coaches are an inspiration and the community is amazing. Flight has changed the way I view training and coaching and I'm a much better person for being apart of it."
John S.
"I have seen an impact in overall strength, performance of the lifts and mobility. Prior to flight, I never snatched, in fact I never even had the mobility to overhead squat. My mobility has increased so much, that I have people asking me if I faked my early pictures. It is a huge testament to the program and its effectiveness."
Jin Maria B.
"I am much more consistent with my training and gained a lot of knowledge together with the workouts. The lifts were covered and broken down and it made it easier to know what to look for. I hit my old PRs with ease now..."
Roy P.
"One of the greatest benefit in my opinion is the program structure. The way it builds upon itself piecing the lifts together has helped make me a more consistent lifter. There is a ton of mobility work, nutritional info, recovery methods, and just good information available to make you better. This program isn't just a list of exercises but is completely comprehensive about what you need to be successful in being a good weightlifter/athlete."

Benjamin R.
"C&J +15lbs, Snatch +15 lbs, Front Squat +15 lbs, Triples and doubles with previous PR's, Power Snatch +15lbs, Power Clean +15 lbs, Snatch Balance + 40 lbs... that's just so far... This is an exceptional program for those that do not have direct coaching available to them... where it pertains to Weightlifting."
Brett W.
"I feel like even if I am far from perfect form, I have gained education and knowledge over what I am SUPPOSED to be doing. Feeling myself doing it right is the main key I had been missing. Everything felt so uncomfortable and now I am starting to get the feel of right vs. wrong with the lifts. The videos and help from Barbell Shrugged coaches have been worth every penny!!"
Leah W.
"I had been stuck at 135# snatch since last September and have now added ten pounds to it. I am able to consistently hit my front and back squat numbers (210# & 245#) and my clean and jerks have gone up as well now being at 190# & 185#. And my push press jumped up almost 20 pounds to 155#. This program can help anyone learn and better their weightlifting."
You've really got nothing to lose..
Other than MASSIVE GAINS of course :)

The successes from the FLIGHT athletes you've seen on this page are TYPICAL!

We believe in this program. We've seen the effect and success our athletes have had. When you join the FLIGHT team, we're 100% confident that if you follow this program as prescribed with consistency, you will become a more successful Weightlifter.

If FLIGHT does not measure up to your expectations by 30 days into the program, you may cancel your membership and receive a full refund for the first 30 days.

Just email help@barbellshrugged.com us and let us know. Simple as that.

There's really nothing to lose!

Because to get this type of comprehensive training on your own, would probably cost you upwards of $400 per month!

Now, let's break it down...

FLIGHT is different!

Sure you can find other training programs that will help you improve your Weightlifting. But FLIGHT is unique. FLIGHT is comprehensive, which means we're going to cover any and all bases necessary to become a better Weightlifter and athlete.

We don't assume anything! So we're not just going to give you workouts without all the other tools and resources you need to become truly successful at this sport. We've gone down that road before ourselves, and we know where it leads. It's not somewhere you want to be and we don't want to see you head there either. We're going to provide all the tools, workouts and guidance you need for long-term success in this sport. If that sounds awesome to you, then welcome!

You're in the right place!
Outside of FLIGHT you'd typically pay...

Weekly workouts: $100/mo.
Nutrition education: $50/mo.
Mobility education: $50/mo.
Access to digital weightlifting, mobility, and nutrition courses: 3 @ $25/mo = $75/mo.
Program explanation & movement demo videos: $19/mo
Online member community: $19/month

Grand Total without FLIGHT: Over $300 per month!

But with FLIGHT, you can get a phenomenal, comprehensive Weightlifting program with results guaranteed for way less of your hard-earned per month. 

Pay as you go.  Perfect for being on this program for approximately 3-6 months.
  • 5 Weightlifting specific workouts per week
  • 18 Four week Mesocycles
  • 360 workouts total
  • $800 in FREE bonuses (see below)
  • Video explanations of all programming
  • Video demos and explanations of all movements
  • Community support to get feedback on your lifts

Save 50% - Perfect for being on this program for more than 6 months

  • 5 Weightlifting specific workouts per week
  • 18 Four week Mesocycles
  • 360 workouts total
  • $800 in FREE bonuses (see below)
  • Video explanations of all programming
  • Video demos and explanations of all movements
  • Community support to get feedback on your lifts
How long to commit?
From experience as coaches and athletes, we've found that 12 months is the ideal amount of time needed to greatly improve an athlete's ability as a weightlifter.

For this reason, we highly recommend a 12-month minimum commitment to FLIGHT. We know can that be big commitment, but our goal is to get BIG changes. Making progress like that typically doesn’t happen over the course of a month or two. It takes a lot of time and effort from you to achieve great results and it takes a lot of time and effort from us as well to help you get there.  For those truly committed, the program extends for an additional 6 months.

We believe that to get amazing, long-term results , there must be commitment and consistency. And if you’re not ready to take that kind of step at this moment, we totally understand, but we’ll still be here to help you to when you decide that you are.
Who is this program for?
FLIGHT is for anyone who wants or needs a comprehensive Olympic Weightlifting program. Comprehensive, meaning not just workouts, but every tool necessary to become a better Weightlifter and athlete. FLIGHT is designed to teach and improve Weightlifting technique, help you gain strength, educate and foster good nutrition, mobility, and lifestyle habits, and offer the necessary guidance, coaching, motivation and accountability necessary for continuous programs.

The course material is mainly aimed towards beginners and intermediates but we've had advanced, experienced athletes see improvements. Any athlete at any skill level, age, male or female can see benefit from FLIGHT. Your success mostly depends on your willingness to commit, be consistent and adopt a learning-orientated mindset (listen/watch Barbell Shrugged Episode 189, if you don't know what we mean by this).
When will I receive my bonuses?
Immediately after sign-up you'll get several "right away" bonuses:

- Critiques and Corrections: Slow-Mo Video Analysis

- The FLIGHT taper -
a 2 week mini-program designed to help you prepare for a Weightlifting competition complete with video overview of the workouts and info on how to join Barbell Shrugged Weightlifting, a USAW-sanctioned club.

- Barbell Shrugged AnytimeWODs - workouts designed for when you are traveling and can't hit the gym

- MealFit Meal Plans for Barbell Shrugged Athletes- 3 weekly meal plans designed by Thomas Cox of MealFit.co

- Recipes by Brandi Marter - 6 easily prepared, bulk-style recipes to help you save you time.  Includes video demonstrations showing you exactly how to cook each recipe plus 12 additional bonus recipes to help you get started.

When will I receive my program materials?
Right away!  Once each month, you'll get the entire month of the workouts sent to you which you can access in the member site so you can plan if you need to move some workouts around.

Each week you'll also get 1-2 videos of your course seminars. We'll start with FLIGHT School, then move to Nutrition for Weightlifters and finish up with Movement Specific Mobility for Squats and Deadlifts. We do this because we want you to focus on a particular portion of the curriculum, be able to use the information in the course at the appropriate time and not be overwhelmed by the amount of information and material we present.

When can I start FLIGHT?
As soon as you signup you get your first 4 weeks of programming (meso 1) so you can start as soon as later today!  We recommend starting on a Monday and that's the way the workouts are designed (the videos will Day 1 - Monday etc); however, you can adjust as needed.   
How often will I be billed?
You’ll be billed on a monthly or yearly recurring basis. The amount of subscription will be drafted from the credit card you provide at the time of registration. If at any point you need to make changes to your billing or subscription, we ask you contact us at help@barbellshrugged.com.
What kind of equipement do I need?
You’ll definitely need a barbell, weights, a squat rack, a pull-up bar and a space to #dropeverythingandtrain. Bumper plates are really nice to have because you can drop them. If you don’t have bumper plates, and you have to lower the weights to the ground, invest in a good pair of lifting straps to help control the lowering. Kettlebells or dumbells, med-balls, plyo boxes, a set of rings, a GHD machine, lifting/jerk blocks, resistance bands and a climbing rope are nice to have but not absolutely required.

If there is a movement programmed that you cannot perform because you don’t have the necessary equipment, we can you always help you come up with a substitute movement, just contact us or ask in the Facebook group.

What kind of support do I get?
If you need help, have questions or would simply like some feedback on your lifts you will be able to get support within the private Facebook Group.  You can post questions, pictures/videos of your lifting technique etc and we, as well the community, will be there to help. 
What days will I be training?
There will be workouts posted for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. You don’t have to train on those exact days and can move the week around if you need to.

There are 3 “mandatory” training days and 2 “optional” training days. The mandatory training days are Monday, Thursday and Saturday. The optional training days are Tuesday and FridayYour recovery days will be Sunday and Wednesdays. Use the recovery days to watch your educational courses while you rest.

How long do workouts take?
On the mandatory training days, full workout from warmup to end should take 60 minutes if you are timing your rest periods well and training without distraction. Workouts may take longer than 60 minutes but should not exceed 90 minutes under normal pacing.

Optional days will be shorter and usually 60 minutes or less. Workouts are designed to take a certain amount of time but it will depend on your pace.You should plan to be training for about 60 minutes each day.

Can I do extra work or my gym's workouts?
You definitely can still do workouts at your home box if that’s what you would like to do, but in all reality you probably won’t need to do extra work outside the program.

Everything you need to improve your snatch, clean and jerk numbers is provided. We’ll provide everything the warmup, technique drills, cool downs and mobility drills to help you become a stronger and better weightlifter.

Once into the program, our athletes find the volume, intensity of the training to be challenging and rewarding all on its own. You’re certainly free to do extra stuff here and there, but just be smart about it! And more than likely, we believe you’ll find that you won’t need to do extra to make progress and get the results you want.


My gym won’t let me do my own program, what can I do?
Honestly that’s a bummer and although we haven’t had much of a problem with that in the past, it may be an issue for some.Our suggestion would be to try to present it to your coaches or the gym owners in a way that shows you’re making a conscious, mature, motivated decision.

Offer to stay out of the way as much as possible and explain this is something you REALLY want to do then maybe they’ll let you do your own thing.